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Nov 27, 2017

  • Why health is the first pillar of aligned success that affects all other areas of our lives.
  • Why “alignment” in our health doesn’t always mean not doing anything. Sometimes it means stopping the wrong thing. 
  • Making excuses around our health is the first obstacle to overcome to make improvements.
  • Commitment to valuing your health will help you to make positive choices.
  • The four steps to making improvements in the area of health.
  • Step 1: Take personal responsibility for where you are at is the most important first step to improving from where you are at.
  • Step 2: Take control of your movement or nutrition. Select one area to focus on and make a commitment to improve.
  • Step 3: Take ACTION! Select one focus for the next 7 days, commit, focus and take daily action.
  • Step 4: Make your commitment public for accountability and support!