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Dec 11, 2017

In this episode: 

  • The negative cycle of living for the weekend in a job you are not passionate about to switching career paths. 

  • How Rajiv cured anxiety through discipline, work ethic and getting around amazing people.

  • Rajiv's transition into a new path meant a focus on personal development and staying hungry for more.

  • What Rajiv’s brand Embrace Change is about?

  • Why we must embrace fear of the unknown in order to make change in our lives.

  • How the lifestyle choices based on the environment you are in can effect many aspects of life. Be mindful of your environment.

  • Amanda’s personal journey to escape her environment completely in order to make change.

  • Why getting into alignment with a healthy environment and a passionate career can transform your life.

  • Why having clarity of knowing “Who you are” and staying consistent about your message through the adversity of life is so important.

  • Energy! How to cultivate energy? How to improve energy!

    • Cultivating energy through meditation.

    • How to generate energy through a mindset of gratitude!

  • Aligned Success in Health is about helping others to find what is best for “their own body.”
  • Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is about finding balance for each client and their own personal life.
    • Start with healthy habits daily to make a shift in your health.
  • Personal fitness journey and staying in alignment with what drives you at different stages in your life.
  • “When you commit to something whole heartedly, the universe will transpire to get you to where you are trying to go.”
  • How seeking out mentors who are a couple of steps ahead can help and encourage along the way.
  • Gratitude: Family, love(giving and receiving), mindset for lifelong learning (mindset of service).
  • What is Aligned Success? Identifying your top 5 core values and leading with that for aligning with a life of success.

Resources or people to follow:

  • The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins
  • The Power of Vulnerability - Dr. Brené Brown
  • Money Master the Game - Tony Robbins 
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad/ Cash Flow Quadrant - Robert Kyosaki