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Jan 9, 2018

In this episode:

“Follow your passion, heart and purpose. Listen to that deep inner wisdom.”

  • Listen to that voice. Even if it seems crazy, listen!
  • Ask yourself, “how does this feel?” If it doesn't FEEL right.
  • “When someone tells you to think about it, rather, get quite and feel into it through your heart.”
  • My epiphany, on bodybuilding diet walking through Trader Joe’s and asking “If I am suppose to be this picture of health than why am I not eating a greater variety of healthy foods.”
  • “What draws people to compete?” - Attention, accolades, industry that has a lot of ED or perpetuates ED. - Are you using it as a weight loss tool? Are you looking for community/popularity? - It can be done in a healthy way, but it’s very rare.
  • How to decide if you should compete? Why do you want to compete and what does that mean to you? What is there current lifestyle like? Sleep, stress, health panels are all aligned then it may be a good option.
  • Looking for love, belonging, self-worth outside of yourself through competing. Hobbies are suppose to bring JOY into your life.
  • When did you decide to no longer compete and why?

“The only person who will care about your health more than you is YOU.”

  • Adrenal Fatigue: Down regulated stress response tied to chronic stress through diet and exercise.
  • Signs and systems that call for addition testing as well as holistic approach.
  • Soul approach - What tools for mindset, identity, inner connectedness?
  • Spiritual health. Challenging their thoughts.
  • “The process” Brain (thought) creates (feelings) which confirms thought you were thinking. “You’re spinning” thought feeling loop and body is acting like your mind.
  • How Michelle helps clients realize they are not their thoughts.
  • Brain thinks thoughts, you feel it, your body feels it must be true. In order to break into that is a thought challenge. Break through at the top (stop and challenge whatever thought you are having) which creates different feeling.
  • If a client cannot narrow down the thought, enter through the feeling, How is that manifesting to your body? Where are you feeling it? Most effective tool at figuring out where in the loop they are and challenging the thought that it is the ego mind creating the story.
  • When you are aligned with who you really are at the source. leaf/oak tree analogy. We are connected to something so much bigger. “if you are scared, that is your soul trying to wake you up.”
  • “Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that you feel on a regular basis.”
  • What are you grateful for
  1. Grace
  2. Friends
  3. Family
  • What does aligned success mean to you?

"I would define aligned success being connection to source and an underlying feeling of peace. Success is constantly learning and growing especially from life’s greatest challenges."


  1. Audible (audio books)
  2. Health: Un-Doctored (William Davis)
  3. Mindset: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Dr. Joe Dispenza)
  4. Spirituality: Letting Go (David Hawkins)