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Jan 16, 2018

In this episode:

  • The power of support in the transformation journey.
  • Create a circle of influence that supports your transformation. 
  • Strong self-belief vs Negative self-talk
  • Transformation improves when improving the mental game becomes a priority.
  • Morning Routine : Goals + Intentions/Task Lists + Gratitude
  • Paint a picture of what you want for your life and envision a new end result to create energy around your goals.
  • Nutrition philosophy is about sustainability
  • Limiting inflammatory
  • Maximize your energy though nutrient timing. Feeding your body what it needs when it needs.
  • What are you grateful for?
    • Wife
    • God
  • What does Aligned Success mean to you? “When you are finding success in multiple areas of your life. You have success in the areas of your life that mean the most to you.”



Look inward first

Mindset: Tony Robbins

IG: @JeremyReidFitness