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Jan 25, 2018

In this episode:

  • Food heals! Allison’s journey to heal herself has led her to podcast “Food Heals” and soon to be documentary.
  • Food Heals documentary will be live at the end of 2018.
  • Why Allison’s Diet “Plant Powered.”
  • By adding more plants into your diet you can feel energy, healing and vitality.
  • Plant based diets are the best diets for anti-cancer.
  • Nutrition is not a one size fits all. Learning what your body needs through food allergy testing can be a powerful practice.
  • Allison’s typical daily diet. Green smoothie, avocado toast, quinoa bowl with veggies.
  • Plant based diets will massively increase your energy.
  • Emotional and spiritual work is just as important to heal.
  • Dealing with emotions like anger, sadness and grief from past traumas can help to heal anxiety, depression and your world view. Release the emotion.
  • Meditation and gratitude as a spiritual practice as well as changing perspective can change your life.
  • Allison illuminates personal stories of people who will be featured in the Food Health Documentary.
  • The power of personal responsibility allows us to step into our power for change and transformation.
  • Food Heals Podcast Wellness Retreat!
  • What are you most grateful for?
    • “The path that I have taken & My past trauma.”
  • What does Aligned Success mean to you? 
    • “Aligned Success means being in complete alignment with what I do every day and how I am making my money. Aligning your passion with your business to have success in all areas of your life.